About the Event Let's make the world a greener place.

About Us.

A concern for our planet is not just an issue for scientists and environmentalists. We're all responsible: when we take measures to protect our environment, we are protecting our homes and the homes of future generations of life.
The Annual Green Jobs Panel and Networking Session began in 2011 with the goal of increasing awareness of sustainable careers in the Johns Hopkins University community, Baltimore City, and beyond. The rationale is simple: students are in an great position to make the world a more sustainable place once they enter the workforce, and students acquire the skills and connections they need to make those changes while they are in college. By connecting knowledgeable students with phenomenal non-profits, businesses, and government organizations with green jobs or opportunities for job greening, we hope to encourage students to make green impacts on the world, and ensure that such impacts will be made for many years to come.


The Annual Connecting Green Panel and Networking Session began in 2011 as a partnership between Jon Smeton, the Johns Hopkins University Career Center, and the Johns Hopkins University Office of Sustainability. In its first year, the event featured five panelists, seven networkers, and about fifty students who were eager to learn about green careers and connect with green employers. The following year, the panel was intentionally reduced to just three networkers (representing the non-profit, government, and business fields), which facilitated a more personal and targeted question-and-answer session. Meanwhile, the Networking Session was expanded to include fourteen networkers, seventy-five students, and fantastic locally-sourced catering. Michael Clark joined Jon in 2013 as the event's Networker Liaison. The third annual event brought even more networkers and students, and solidified our standing as one of the most impactful events on campus. This year - the Connecting Green Panel and Networking Session - we hope to offer even more experienced and engaging panel speakers and continue the growth of the event's networker pool and student base. Our planning team consists of Laetitia Zhang, Nancy Wang, Nicole Hada, Taryn Wong , and Elly Ren, who look forward to organizing the best networking session yet!